Herb, Spice, Pectin and Pickle Mixes

Ball Mason carefully blended mixes help you to achieve the perfect flavours and textures for your homemade pickles, jams, salsas and sauces.  

Pickle crisp granules and our pickling blends add crunch and subtract sogginess, whilst our tomato salsa mix and pasta sauce mix enhance the lovely flavours of your home grown vegetables to create a truly gourmet taste experience.

Choose from our range of pectins to make traditional boiled jams and jellies or quick and easy freezer jams.

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2 x Ball Mason Real Fruit Liquid Pectin packet of 3oz pouches
Formulated for a better set! Try pre-measured, no-fuss convenience with the consistent results you’d..
Ball Mason Pickle Crisp Granules
Looking for an easy-to-use product to help keep your pickles crisp without prolonged soaking and rin..
Real Fruit Easy Instant Jam Pectin By Ball Mason Jars USA
Pectin RealFruit Instant Pectin By Ball Mason USA IMPORTANT NOTE The large packs of pectin are..
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