12 x Bell 32 oz Quart Smooth Regular Mouth Jars - Lids not included

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A beautifully shaped quart jar which lends itself to a range of uses including, but certainly not limited to, food preserving.  The plain unembossed sides make it ideal for putting your own label on the jar.

This 32 oz Quart Jar takes a regular mouth 70mm continuous thread lid.

These jars can be used in hot fill or water bath/ pressure canning with High Heat one piece or with two piece canning lids. The simplicity, size and shape of this jar also make it a great choice for candles.

MADE in the USA

Capacity 32oz (approximately 950ml)

Takes Lid 70mm CT

Height 16.6cm

Outside diameter 10cm

Label panel height 7.4cm

Outer circumference 31.5cm

Suitable lids include our one piece 70mm continuous thread lids, the mason 2 piece lid and band in the regular mouth size and any daisy lid.


Elevate your pantry organization with 12 Bell Quart Jars - the go-to choice for storing homemade goodness. Lids sold separately

Step into a realm of culinary creativity and organizational elegance with the exquisite 12 x Bell 32 oz Quart Smooth Regular Mouth Jars. These jars are much more than mere storage vessels - they epitomize versatility and functionality in every aspect. Picture customizing each jar with your own distinct labels, transforming them into personalized masterpieces that reflect your unique style and flair. Handcrafted with precision in the USA, these jars not only excel in food preservation but also serve as perfect companions for candle making endeavors, thanks to their ideal size and shape. Whether you aspire to whip up delectable preserves or craft enchanting candles, these quart jars are poised to become your trusted allies on a journey towards culinary excellence and artistic innovation."

  • Enhance your food preservation efforts with a set of 12 premium Bell Quart Jars
  • Stock up efficiently for the season ahead with this convenient case of jars
  • 32oz

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