220ml Weck Rex Mini Tulip Jar - Case of 6

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Rex mini tulip jars have a curved shape just like a tulip bud and make an elegant showcase for jams, yoghurts, mousses and more. 

With a 220ml capacity, they are large to accommodate many sweet dishes or use as an appetiser. They are also perfect for gifts, candles and dry storage containers. 

They have a small size lid so can be used with a small plastic keep fresh lid or a wooden lid to store herbs and spices.


  • Free of plasticizers, BPA and heavy metals
  • Heat resistant and reusable.
  • Suitable for all dishwashers, freezers, ovens or microwaves.
  • High quality rubber seal
  • Stainless steel clips apply just the right amount of pressure so no need for special tools to guess how tight they need to be
  • Flat glass lids allow the jars to be stacked safely in the pantry
  • Range of sizes and shapes with the clips usable on all sizes, and the lids and rings can be transferred between jars with the same mouth size
  • Made in Germany

The six-pack carton includes 6 jars each with glass lid, sealing ring and clamps.

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