Ball Mason Jar Regular Mouth 70mm Superb Canning Lids Pack of 60 MADE IN USA

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Superb gold regular mouth canning lids (canning rings NOT included) Superb canning lids with Seal-It-Right Technology bring Home Canning into the 21st century with the latest material and manufacturing technology. Suitable for both waterbath canning and pressure canning.

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The regular mouth size is compatible with Ball regular mouth jars, Bell jars that take a standard 70mm lid, Bormioli Rocco jars with 70mm lid.  For jars that don't already have bands you need to buy these separately.

Sold in a pack of 60 regular mouth canning lids. MADE in the USA

BluSeal Integrity

  • Proprietary seal formulation with ingredients that are FDA compliant for food contact
  • More sealing power
  • High-temperature formulation to ensure integrity during pressure canning
  • Enhanced venting to help prevent buckling
  • Will keep food for up to 36 months

"Pop"Lok Assurance

  • A distinctive "popping" sound for audible and visual assurance of seal integrity
  • Calibrated to meet FDA's 3 psi vacuum standards for home canning

QuinTek Protection

  • Five layers of corrosion protection

Compared with other brands of lids, a lighter touch is necessary on the bands to get the lids to vent. The manufacturer suggests to use just three fingers and one hand to make sure. When the jar turns, it is perfect.  100% seal is expected all of the time by all processes, if the process can develop 2psi or more.  If the bands are too tight, the seal won’t function and seals too early to develop the vacuum. You will find that Superb seals allow better venting which will make higher vacuum pressures.   This allows them to be stored for longer, up to 36 months.

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