Ozi Handle Jar Pint Beer Moonshine - Single

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C'mon  Ozi C'mom! Get a quality Ozi Pint Jar! Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit! A unique gift for the overseas visitor or to show off to your mates! In the pubs in clubs around Australia you will soon be no longer asking for a pint, but for an "Ozi"  Put a plastic lid on them and they make a great glass for a kids’ party or even fill them with lemonade or punch for a fun idea for a picnic, barbeque or wedding!

Heavy duty, making them ideal for serving beer, cider, or long drinks with lots of ice. 

Not suitable for home canning use. Suitable for cold drinks only.

These mugs take regular mouth 70mm lids.

Made of 100% soda lime glass with no lead or cadmium.


Embrace the craft of sipping in style with Ozi Handle Jar Pint - a touch of elegance for your drinking experience

Immerse yourself in the Aussie spirit with the Ozi Handle Jar Pint Beer Moonshine! This exquisite pint jar transcends the ordinary drinking vessel, boasting an embossed depiction of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" that are bound to captivate attention. Did you know? These exceptional jars are poised to redefine pub traditions down under, anticipated to become synonymous with savoring a cool drink in unparalleled style. Whether you aim to charm international guests or astonish your inner circle, this jar is destined for admiration. Envision yourself amidst a vibrant kids' gathering - these jars effortlessly transform into quirky glasses when adorned with plastic lids. Alternatively, picture indulging in homemade lemonade or punch at an alfresco picnic, BBQ bash, or even a wedding celebration - infusing each occasion with an extra dose of allure! Expertly crafted from heavy-duty soda lime glass devoid of lead or cadmium content, they stand as the ultimate choice for serving up chilled beers, ciders, or invigorating long drinks embodying genuine Aussie flair. Why postpone this opportunity? Elevate every drinking experience and turn each sip into an unforgettable Ozi-licious moment! Cheers mate!

  • Enhance your home bar with the Ozi Handle Jar Pint Beer Moonshine for a touch of elegance
  • Elevate your drinking rituals with this stylish pint beer moonshine jar in hand

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