Le Parfait Familia Wiss 1000ml (100mm lid) Preserving Mason Jar

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Le Parfait 1000ml Wiss jar with 2 piece lid
At Ozfarmer we have a lot of jars and so when we get excited about a jar, you know it's got to be special!  That's why we love the French made family of Le Parfait jars.  
You have gone to all that effort of growing your own food, and now that you want to preserve it, you want the peace of mind to know that it's going to be stored in a jar that won't fail.
That's why we think the Familia Wiss jars are the creme de la creme of preserving jars (very apt given that they are French, oo la la!)
Le Parfait Familia Wiss jars are a mason style jar.  That means that they are heavy duty tempered glass suitable for pressure canners and water baths.
If you are familiar with other types of preserving jars like Agee or Ball, Familia Wiss jars have a 2 piece lid assembly.  2 lid assemblies are considered superior for food preserving, because there is less chance of the lid being wrongly applied or moving during the preserving process, and they are easier to monitor during storage.
Why Le Parfait Familia Wiss?
  • The jars are made of thick tempered glass making them less likely to crack or break
  • The 2 piece lids are considered the most reliable for canning, particularly pressure canning, reducing jar failures and food waste
  • Available in a range of sizes so there is a size for every purpose
  • The screw lid can be used for storage so no need to buy multiple lids
  • The 1,000ml (1 litre) Familia Wiss jar size is ideal for soups, broths, stone fruit and long vegetables
  • Multi use jars that can be used for dry storage as well as canning
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Made in France
The nitty gritty
The flat lid incorporating the seal is called the sealing cap.  Note that these are shipped on the jar in an inverted position to prevent any prior impact on the seal prior to use for preserving.  These sealing caps are single use only.
The screw lid is a one piece lid (rather than a band as is standard for Ball jars).  This lid serves 2 roles: it holds the sealing cap in place during heat processing and once the jar has been opened, the screw lid can then be used as a storage lid.

Le Parfait Familia Wiss jars come in 7 different sizes, allowing you to have a full range for your preserving needs.  The lid sizes are non standard and are not compatible with other mason lids.  The 3 sizes used are 82mm, 100mm and 110mm so only le Parfait replacement sealing caps and lids can be used.  On the plus side though, the extra wide openings make it very easy to get your food into the jars.

The 1000ml jar comes in 2 versions: this version is the standard wide mouth 100mm

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